The curriculum and teaching at the graduate level are synergies between teachers, researchers and leading academic personnel in the country. that bring knowledge together innovative thinking and leading research results into the classroom. What's more, our courses and teaching are collaborated with experienced professional partners to keep them updated on their professional progress.

Graduate Program Personnel

Director of Doctoral's Program Assist. Prof. Adchara Panthanuwong, Ph.D.
Director of Master's Program Assist. Prof. Monaiphol Ronavej, Ph.D.
Head of Education and Academic Services Piyapatchara Konchom Educator
Head of Graduate Program Chalalai Pongsiri Educator
Kanoksorn Jinda General Administration Officer
Nantawud Deeprasert General Administration Officer
Sirilux Srisirikul General Administration Officer
Yupaporn Srihabua Finance and Accounting Analyst
Podjanee Simsuwan Finance and Accounting Analyst
Chaweewan Bunrungrueangsak General Administration Assistant
Janjira Yujaroen General Service Officer
Namphueng Wanthongthak Janitor