Courses open for Applications

Graduate Program Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication Applications are open for those who are interested in continuing education every academic year. Regular courses are the Doctor of Philosophy Program major of Media and Communication and the Master of Journalism Program in Communication Studies (MA), accepting applications around xxxx-xxxxx months for special programs are the Master of Journalism Program Media and Content Management (MCA) and Master of Journalism Program The major of Corporate Communication Management (MCM) opens for applications around xxxx month of every year.



Program Doctor of Philosophy (Media and Communication) (PhD) (Closed to application)


Program Master of Arts (Communication Studies) (MA) (Closed to application)


Program Master of Arts (Media and Content Administration) (MCA) (Closed to application)


Program Master of Arts (Corporate Communication Management) (MCM) (Closed to application)

Prepare before applying

Choose a course that meets your own learning needs. and career path
Convenient and fast payment of application fees via Mobile Banking Application
Check the qualifications of those who are eligible to take the exam. and fill out an online application form
Announcement of results of eligible candidates and schedule exams through the website